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BOBBY CURTOLA singles discography

(Updated June 23, 2017)


Canadian 1960s singles, produced by Basil and Dyer Hurdon.
Tartan label
1001 Hand In Hand With You with the Don Trio                       1960
         / Johnny Take Your Time - by the Don Trio alone
1002 My Love / Ever Near You
1003 You Must Belong To Me / Deeper and Deeper                1961
1004 Call Me Baby / It Started When You Stopped To Say Hello   + the Dons
1005 Don't You Sweetheart Me / My Heart's Tongue-tied   w Anita Kerr Singers
1006 I'll Never Be Alone Again / Hi-Tone   w Anita Kerr Singers
1007 Hitchhiker / My Love (rerecording)
1008 Fortune Teller / Johnny Take Your Time (rerecording)
1009 You Must Belong To Me (rerecording) / Nothing's the Same
               As Before                                                               1962
1010 I Cry and Cry / Big Time Spender
1011 Aladdin / I Don't Want To Go On Without You
1012 My Christmas Tree / Jingle Bells
1013 Destination Love / Don't Stop Dreaming Of Me             1963
1014 Gypsy Heart / I'm Sorry
1015 Indian Giver / Hand In Hand (rerecording)
1016 Three Rows Over / Dream Wishes
1018 Move Over / They Say
1019 Little Girl Blue / How'm I Gonna Tell You                      1964
1021 You're Not a Goody Goody / Far Away Heart
1022 As Long As I'm Sure Of You / I'd Do Anything For You
1024 Come Home Little Girl / Many Moons Ago
1025 Alone and Lonely / You'll Be Falling In Love                  1965
1026 It's About Time / Paper Heart
1027 Mean Woman Blues / Devil May Care Angel
1028 Walking With My Angel / Midnight
1029 Making Love / Donna
1030 Forget Her / If All Goes Well
1031 While I'm Away / Not Til Now                                      1966
1032 The Real Thing / Suddenly You Came Along
1033 Wildwood Days / Without Your Love
1034 It's Not Funny Honey / Tattletale Heart
1035 Devil Lips (Kisses Of Fire) / Give Me a Reason
                        To Stay                                                          1967
1036 Quando Quando / If All Goes Well
1040 Footsteps / What Can I Do
1041 Sandy / Indian Love Call
1043 Pretty Blue Eyes / Taking A Picture                            1968
1044 Can't Help Falling In Love / Step By Step
1045 (unreleased?) Unless You Care / Taking A Picture
1045 Mammy Blues / Free To Carry On                              ? 1971
1046 Gotta Give Love / My Christmas Tree

Tarton 54039 Have You Ever Really Been There / Lady With the Rose   ?

With 1005 they started recording in Nashville, with Bill Justis arranging.

Highlighted titles are linked to online samples.
Omitted numbers are mainly by other artists.
I'm not sure about 1045a. 54039 was on a later resurrection of the Tartan label.
See 45cat.com for more of his releases.

One song that's missing here is Mark My Word. Possibly that was 1020.

Songs I'd like to hear at the moment include: Step By Step, Unless You Care, and the first recordings of  My Love, You Must Belong To Me.

Check out this video at YouTube of Gypsy Heart [link]. The dancing is synchronized with the song.

Basil Hurdon and Dyer Hurdon - songwriters and managers at Tartan Records of Canada:

Canadian charts. Click to enlarge or download.