Saturday, June 9, 2007

Name the Song?

(Updated August 3, 2016)

Some music I've recorded off air in past years without identification. They're good enough to try to find out. Press any highlighted title to hear.
Who, title, when, etc.

1. Strange Things Happen
Is this Bobby Vinton? UPDATE: It's Johnny Tillotson from 1967~.

2. ?~Love Is Gone~?
Maybe from the 80s. Could this be a tribute to Karen Carpenter? Maybe produced by her husband? Maybe in Canada?

3. If I Found a New Girl
By who? Sounds like ~1959. UPDATE: This is by Little Caesar & The Consuls from 1963 in Canada. This is a revised edition.

4. There was also a mid-50s female R&B song with the line "Everybody made merry...and Mary got mad". I think about a Christmas party. UPDATE: It was "Christopher Columbus" by Dinah Washington in 1957.

5. Butterfly instrumental.
Which orchestra? This is the early 1970s international hit written by Danyel Gerard. From the beat I'd say German. It's not James Last, I checked his. This is a partial recording from Shaw Cable background music.
UPDATE: I now know this is the Werner Muller orchestra with Bob Powels on trumpet. The LP Golden Trumpet.

6. LAURA - who is the singer etc. ANSWER: Eileen Farrell, US opera singer.

7. OUT OF THIS WORLD - singer etc.

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Kees said...

Johnny Tillotson had a 45 rpm Strange Things Happen...
So, could this be Tillotson?

GeorgeS said...

You're absolutely right. I heard the clip at It was a 1967 single backed with Tommy Jones. I think it was on the album This Is Me. Good work.

Karel said...

No. 3 is If I Find a new girl by Little Caesar and the Consuls.

GeorgeS said...

I heard the Little Caesar song once and this doesn't sound like it.