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Teresa Brewer Coral singles Discography (1952-64)

updated Feb.24, 2015

Coral US singles in time order.
Billboard chart positions in brackets.

Sing Sing Sing / I Don't Care
Lovin' Machine / Noodlin' Rag
I Hear the Bluebells Ring / Kisses On Paper
Rhode Island Redhead / [Eileen Barton]
Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now (#25) / Roll Them Roly Boly Eyes
Til I Waltz Again With You (#1) / Hello Bluebird
Dancing With Someone (#17) / Breaking In The Blues
Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall (#23) / Too Much Mustard
Ricochet (#2) / Too Young To Tango
Bell Bottom Blues (#17) / Our Heartbreaking Waltz (#23)
Baby, Baby, Baby (#12) / I Guess It Was You All The Time (solo)
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus / Ebeneezer Scrooge
Too Fat For The Chimney / I Just Can't Wait For Christmas
Jilted (#6) / Le Grand Tour de l'Amour
Skinnie Minnie (#22) / I Had Someone Else Before I Had You
Au Revoir / Danger Signs
Time / My Sweetie Went Away
Let Me Go Lover (#6) / The Moon Is On Fire
I Gotta Go Get My Baby (#19) / What More Is There To Say
Pledging My Love (#17) / How Important Can It Be
Tweedlee Dee / Rock Love  (nonhit)
Silver Dollar (#20) / I Don't Want To Be Lonely Tonight
The Banjo's Back In Town (#15) / How To Be Very Very Popular
Baby Be My Toy / So Doggone Lonely
Shoot It Again (#66) / You're Telling Our Secrets
A Good Man Is Hard To Find / It's Siesta Time
A Tear Fell (#5) / Bo Weevil (#17)
A Sweet Old-Fashioned Girl (#7) / Goodbye John
I Love Mickey (#87) / Keep Your Cotton-Pickin' Paddies Off My Baby
Mutual Admiration Society (#21) / Crazy With Love (#73)
How Lonely Can One Be / I'm Drowning My Sorrows
Empty Arms (#13) / The Ricky-Tick Song
Teardrops In My Heart (#64) / Lula Rock-a Hula
It's The Same Old Jazz / Born To Love
You Send Me (#8) / Would I Were
Hush-a-Bye, Wink-a-Bye / Listen My Children [Christmas]
Lost, A Little Puppy / Because Him Is A Baby [children's]
There's Nothing As Lonesome As Saturday Night / Whirlpool
Saturday Dance / I Think The World Of You
Pickle Up A Doodle (#99) / The Rain Falls On Everybody
The Hula Hoop Song (#38) / So Shy
The One Rose (#75) / Satellite
Jingle Bell Rock / I Like Christmas
Heavenly Lover (#40) / Fair Weather Sweetheart
Bye Bye Baby Goodbye / Chain Of Friendship
Mexicali Rose / If You Like-a Me
Peace Of Mind (#66) / Venetian Sunset
How Do You Know It's Love / If There Are Stars In My Eyes
Anymore (#31) / That Piano Man
Have You Ever Been Lonely / When Do You Love Me
Whip-poor-will / Older and Wiser
Milord (#74) / I've Got My Fingers Crossed
Little Miss Belong To No One / Seashell
Step Right Up / Pretty Looking Boy
Another / I Want You To Worry
You Came A Long Way From St. Louis / One Heart Less To Break
Cry Baby / I Hear the Angels Singing

Highlighted titles can be heard by clicking.

There were also duets, reissues, EPs (Extended Play singles).
The 65000 series was like oldies reissues, the Silver Star series.

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