Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Murder Of Internet Radio

January 31, 2016

The Live365 internet radio network that I've been linking to from here is closing as of January 31, 2016. That's because of the royalties that are imposed by the US govt agency that works with artists and producers. They have been changed as of Jan.1.
They smelled blood a few years ago when internet radio caught on, and pounced to bleed them. Administered by the usual government socialist types, I don't believe they had good judgement in setting the rates. They were not based on profit the stations made, but were blind flat rates.
There's very little money in internet radio. Start with the fact that every single listener needs to be allotted that amount of bandwidth. You can laugh when you hear that the more listeners you have, the more you lose money.
For a few years there was a plan where low-income broadcasters could pay just based on profit. People fought tooth and nail a few years ago just to get that concession. But ... there was an expiry date, and that is ended now.
Stations are falling as you read.

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