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Teresa Brewer in the 1960s and more.

(Updated Sept.15, 2013)

In 1962 Teresa switched from the Coral label to Philips. It was past the prime of pop music and her hit-making. However she kept recording fantastic music on Philips, which doesn't get as much exposure as it deserves. She also had some of the greatest album cover portraits. Like Peggy Lee, I feel this period was her prime as a person.
You should at least get to know her 1963 songs Second Hand Rose, He Understands Me, and She'll Never Love You Like I Do. All are on this Terrific Teresa LP. In 1967 she was still releasing great music on the LP Texas Leather and Mexican Lace, which included an amazing rendition of The Comancheros besides the great title song.
In 1968 on the SSS label she recorded "Ride-a-Roo", about a novelty toy which started in England. It's an inflated balloon with ears, which you sat on and bounced. In the US it was called a SpaceHopper.

______________Gold Country - 1966 album____________

A fantastic rendition of I Love You Drops.
Great versions of Ain't Had No Lovin, Baby,
Another, Once a Day.

_________Naughty Naughty Naughty - 1960 album_______

This album was still on the Coral label, but it's worth looking at, isn't it. And listening to. The theme is the Gay Nineties. There are great melodic renditions of:

I've Got Rings On My Fingers, By the Light Of the Silvery Moon, Naughty Naughty Naughty, When I Lost You, Ma He's Making Eyes At Me, Shine On Harvest Moon, When You Wore a Tulip, Honeymoon, Last Night On the Back Porch, Be My Little Bumble Bee, There's Yes Yes In Your Eyes, Naughty 90s.


Greatest Hits album on Philips 1962_____________________

The luscious lass rerecorded her Coral hits for this release.
In addition there was the new recording The Ballad Of Lover's Hill, a beautiful dramatic Civil War ballad with a happy ending, issued as a single in 1962.

Teresa's Philips singles
  1. The Ballad Of Lover's Hill /Not Like a Sister _ _ _ _ _ _ 1962
  2. She'll Never Love You Like I Do /The Thrill Is Gone _ _1963
  3. Second Hand Rose /Stand-In
  4. He Understands Me /Just Before We Say Goodbye
  5. Come On In /Simple Things _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1964
  6. Dern Ya (Dang Me) /Mama Never Told Me
  7. Goldfinger /Make Room For One More Fool _ _ _ _ _ _ 1965
  8. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious /I've Grown Accustomed To His Face
  9. Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart /What About Mine
  10. Little Buddy /Little Bitty Grain Of Sand
  11. Handle With Care/I Can't Remember Ever Loving You_1966
  12. Evil On Your Mind /Ain't Had No Loving _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _1966
(highlighted titles can be heard by pressing)

Teresa's Philips albums
  1. Teresa Brewer's Greatest Hits _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1962
  2. Terrific Teresa _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1963
  3. Moments To Remember _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1964
  4. Golden Hits Of 1964
  5. Dear Heart, Goldfinger & Other Great Movie Songs _1965
  6. Songs For Our Fighting Men _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1966
  7. Gold Country
  8. Texas Leather and Mexican Lace _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _1967

To hear song samples press the title:
Second Hand Rose
He Understands Me
She'll Never Love You Like I Do
I Love You Drops
The Comancheros
Texas Leather and Mexican Lace
Ballad Of Lover's Hill


Outside the 60s, this song was Teresa's crowning glory, her trademark. A #1 hit in 1950, she rerecorded it several times. You must get to know the other versions, while there's someone around to show you. I'm spelling the titles the way each label had it. Press the highlighted title to hear the sample.

1. Music! Music! Music! - 1950 London label. This is the one you find on current compilation albums, the original. My sample is from old vinyl, and only for comparison.

2. (Put Another Nickel In) Music! Music! Music! - Coral label recording for the 1955 album of that name.

3. Music, Music, Music - Philips label for their 1962 Greatest Hits LP. This is a patented Nashville production.

4. Music, Music, Music - Amsterdam label rock and roll style version (did you know?), for a single and 1973 album of that name, where there were several R&R style renditions. It was her then-husband Bob Thiele who operated that label.

5. Music, Music, Music - 1974 RCA label rerecording, for an album The Best Of TB. Here is a definitive new rendition true to the original but more perfectly done. Notice how she has developed her technique in speaking the line "come on everybody...keep that old nickelodeon playing". It was later also released on an RCA single, and was included on other albums.

6. Music, Music, Music - 1976 Disco version on the Signature label. Yes. A single in a longer and short version.

The R&B group The Sensations, of Let Me In fame, did a rendition of this song in 1961. It did become a small hit, at #54. There aren't many others who have done it, since Teresa pretty well "owns" it. This leads us to some interesting confusion over voices. Some people think the lead singer of The Sensations was Sue Thompson. No, it was Yvonne Baker. Some people mistake Sue Thompson songs like Norman as being by Teresa Brewer. Passing time and lack of reference books creates many such errors now. With these similar voices, it's interesting how birds of a feather have come together in this. Hear a sample:
Music Music Music - The Sensations


I Wouldn't Dream Of It - an amazing ballad from the Terrific Teresa album
Gonna Get Along Without You Now (1964) - Philips rerecording of her 1952 Coral hit, which was the origin of this song.
Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart
Come On In - 1964 single
Dern Ya (Dang Me) - answer to Roger Miller.
Hello Louis (Hello Dolly)
A Hard Day's Night - from the Movie themes LP
Goldfinger - with gunshot sound effects ("Violence Warning").
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - From Mary Poppins. Which part of this is hard to spell for ya huh? In a 1960s pop-rock style.
Ballad of the Green Berets - from the album Songs For Our Fighting Men.
Step To the Rear - 1968 SSS International single.
Live a Little - flip of Step To Rear, both from the musical "How Now Dow Jones".
Thoroughly Modern Millie - 1967 ABC single. Performer listed as "Bob Thiele and his New Happy Times Orchestra featuring Teresa Brewer special guest star".
Give Me Your Kisses - she had one guest vocal on Bob Thiele's 1972 LP "Those Were the Days"
Unliberated Woman - 1975 Signature single. Lyrics are as good as you think, and the music comes off impressive.
Tonight I Sleep Alone - A 1977 single which got attention for frank sexual lyrics.
No Way Conway - #68 in 1983. Yes it's a humorous play on Conway Twitty's name.

Early 1970s rock recordings

Her 1973 Amsterdam album with the rock theme.

I love this portrait.
If you need to read the contents you can handle the image by clicking on it.
Music To the Man
Late Night Movie
School Days
Playground In My Mind
Give Me Love

In 1973-74 Teresa and her new husband Bob Thiele recorded and produced some songs in England, mostly rock-flavored. Instrumental backing bands used had names like "Head Hands and Feet", and "Oily Rags".
One production was a new recording by Jim Lowe of his 1956 hit Green Door. It wasn't a hit but I found one copy of it on planet Earth, so it should be known. Teresa contributes her voice in the background. Press to listen.

The second Amsterdam album that resulted was "Teresa Brewer In London With Oily Rags". Here's the toughest song from that one: Mama Sure Could Swing a Deal.
A Teresa vocal that wasn't on any album was a 1974 rock version of the 1957 hit Bo Weevil, another rare single. Hear it here.


In 1956/57 Teresa released a rare Christmas album titled "At Christmas Time". It was later reissued as a CD named "Down the Holiday Trail". It is very suitable for children. Before each song she has some cute dialog with her three young daughters. Here's a link to the complete ALBUM.
Other Teresa Christmas links:
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (1953)
All Teresa's 1950s Christmas singles


In addition to the short disco single of Music MM under More Music above, here are other disco songs I know of. The 12" single had 4 and 6 minute versions. On her 1977 LP "Teresa Brewer's New Album" (Image Records #IM 306) there were four other disco selections.

Music MM - 12" single 4 min
Music MM - 12" 6 min
Hello Dolly
I've Got You Under My Skin
Forever and Ever

TERESA'S MOVIE career was spectacular but brief. She was voted by Americans as most popular female singer, and was chosen to star in the 1953 musical "Those Redheads From Seattle". Then she chose to not continue with an acting career. Here is a screenshot from the preview of that movie:

Here's a link to see the full PREVIEW for the movie.

Articles: Go to this LINK to see or download some articles.

In Memory

Teresa died October 17, 2007 of an illness. In tribute, from Songs For Our Fighting Men:

Til We Meet Again


Visit her official fansite at You can see her complete discography, including contents of all albums. You can hear many of her songs. is an encyclopedia of everyone's recordings.
Wikipedia has many such articles.

Facebook Fans Of Teresa Brewer (link) 

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alex said...

Hi frend. I love your blog journal. I need your help. I love Teresa Brewer's music music music 76 version. But i don't have a 12" long version. So please friend post this in your site. Thanks

GeorgeS said...

If any friend can help me find the 12" single I'd love it. This is all I have of this version. Her fan club plays a Song Of the Month on the site, and you might request it, but I don't know if they will.

GeorgeS said...
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GeorgeS said...

I have succeeded in finding the 12" disco single, plus one spare copy. I could sell the spare, for a minimum of $25. Very good condition. If someone wants it here, I could start an auction process for a couple months (starting when someone offers). I don't know a way to send private messages on this site, do you?

Simon said...

Dear Blogger,

what a fantastic journal!!! I hope you keep it going and keep enriching it with more Teresa Brewer rarities. Got any more?


Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger,

any chance of posting some of the songs from Teresa's 1973 Amsterdam Album "Music Music Music"? In particular, I'd love to hear "Give Me Love" and "Music To The Man" which I could find nowhere to either download or buy?

Regards, Simon.

GeorgeS said...

Simon, I have added four songs. Some of these are on her CD "16 Most Requested Songs", which I've also seen for sale at Rhapsody.
Good marketplaces for vinyl are Musicstack and

Anonymous said...

Dear GeorgeS,

I can't thank you enough for responding so rapidly to my plea. I never realised that "Give Me Love" was a cover of the George Harrison song!! Now the only song I'm missing from this album is "Playground In My Mind". At the risk of being a pain in the neck, would it be possible to post this one as well?

Thanks again for the songs, Simon.

Anonymous said...

She was lovely and a gifted singer. I think her later version of Gonna Get Along Without You Now was better than her original

Anonymous said...

Dear GeorgeS,

you are a star!! Thanks so much for posting "Playground In My Mind". What a lovely little ditty this turned out to be. I have now completed 90 of the 94 TB albums!!
I only need 1 track from "Here's Teresa Brewer", 4 tracks from "Ridin' High", 5 tracks from "Teresa Brewer's New Album" and 7 tracks from "On The Road Again (With Stephane Grappelli)" and I'll die a happy man!!! Any help with these will be greatly appreciated.


GeorgeS said...

Simon, this Google blog doesn't provide private messaging. You can find me at Youtube user GeoSilverAway (and other related names) where we can make contact.
I haven't tried this Google "Followers" thing yet, maybe there's a way that way too (on page right).

Virginia B. said...

Thank you for posting this journal. I have a Philips album of "Songs for our Fighting Men" that I was looking for details for and did a google search and found this site. I enjoyed all her songs. The album is in my collection and has a good cover and a good record considering how old it is. I will bookmark your site. Thanks

GeorgeS said...

I have a spare copy of the CD Down The Holiday Trail, still sealed. I could auction it here, minimum $25, for a couple months after a first bid.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you could add the songs from Terrific Teresa, her 1963 album. I had it when I was young and have been trying to find some way to get it back. Thanks

GeorgeS said...

I don't know if I would post all songs. I guess there are 4 now. It raises the idea of making custom CDs tho.

Anonymous said...

I understand. the main two I wanted was Standing In,( I think rhat is the name) and Only Your Shandow Knows Thanks

GeorgeS said...

That's "Stand In". There's a user at Youtube who may or may not be able to provide it.
Let me know if it works.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your help, but that sight wasn't able to help me. Thanks for trying.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything else you could tell me that I maight could rty? And does it make a difference if I own the album, I just can't play it anymore, it is too old and scratchy.

GeorgeS said...

Joan Sprunk can sell you a CD since you own the LP. Also it's not hard to find a used LP at sites like and, or the RecordsByMail ad on the right.

GeorgeS said...

A zip folder containing her Terrific Lp plus her Movie Themes Lp songs can be found at:

Nezzy said...

Hi, this Ozarks farm chick uses the titles of the oldies for her blog. I was just searching for the lyrics for Music!Music!Music when I stumbled into this blog. Thanks for the good read, I truly enjoyed.

Have a wonderful day from the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

GeorgeS said...

Better copy of Litle Bitty Grain Of Sand provided on Dec.20.

Lionel said...

Hi, sorry but English isn't my main language.

I've really loved your journal! Continue like this. I am very glad to see you adore Teresa like I do.

I'm a big fan of Teresa Brewer. Unfortunely I knew her after she died. It was in the Muppet Show. I immediatly loved her voice. So I decided to buy her albums from Ebay. Today I've gotten about 26 albums (33 laps) and about 8 33laps and about 10 CDs. And I forget a wonderful poster.

I prefer her voice since 1965. I think she was very involved in what she sang.

I love nearly all her songs (rock, disco, jazz, country...) . She had a real talent, she was a beauty,now I love music because of her. Teresa, you changed my life.

GeorgeS said...

Link to folder of some newspaper articles added July 31.

Steve Peifer said...

I am wondering if the Vintage Masters The Ultimate Collection is legit. I hate re recordings, but I don't know her music well enough to know.

GeorgeS said...

Steve, I listened at Amazon and it's the original Coral. Looks good to me. Of course Music MM is not the original London. That one would be 3:20 long.

GeorgeS said...

There are some possibilities of finding more video material that haven't been realized yet. There is her appearance(s) on the Jimmy Dean Show available at
They only deal with real media professionals. See info at about TV.
Three more of her Snader 1951 videos are in a set at
where she sings Honky Tonkin and If You Want Some Lovin. She is in the vol.1-12 subset.
See her fan site for details.
If someone is trying to make rips and needs advice try to contact me.

GeorgeS said...

Link to Gold Country added. Texas Leather link also present.
Also notice the link to media articles.

GeorgeS said...

Added list of her Cash Box hits to the articles in storage, as linked.

There is also sheet music to an unpublished 1953 song of hers "Once More". I'm hoping some females could record a demo. Her daughters?

Anonymous said...

You can vote for a video release of her movie at Turner Classic Movies

GeorgeS said...

I have investigated and found that Teresa's Philips records were mastered/pressed about 2% too fast. This is a terrible thing to do to her voice.
The printed timings are part of the error. It applies to US and Canadian issues. For example He Understands Me should be 2:58, not 2:55.
UK issue appears to be correct.

Ed C said...

Thanks for the links To Clyde's great albums. I have managed to separate the songs using an audio editor. They are great Ed C