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The Everly Brothers in the mid 1960s.

(updated March 3, 2012)

When the brothers were drafted in 1962, it upset their career. In addition, the British invasion changed American tastes. In 1963 they had no hits. They had sporadic success in the US from 1964 on.
But in my opinion, at that time they produced some of their most impressive music. There was the driving power of "The Price Of Love". There were the seductive chords of Torture and of Love Is Strange. Lovey Kravezit was a great song with a carnival beat. It was a takeoff on the female character in Dean Martin's Matt Helm movie. The Ferris Wheel was a great nonhit. On the Rock 'N Soul album there was an amazing arrangement of Dancing In the Street. The Power Of Love was powerful, but not on the charts.
Some of the nonhits in 1963 that may be of interest to collectors include Don't Ask Me To Be Friends, Hello Amy, and Nancy's Minuet. Nancy's Minuet is a special one. Don Everly (the dark-haired) wrote it in 1961 inspired by Henry Mancini's Experiment In Terror. It imitates the haunting repetitive bass effect for a mysterious mood. Don was really taken by this, but it was not released until an insignificant single in 1963, and it wasn't the hit he wished for.
The Everlys had more airplay in the mid-60s in Canada and England than the US. It's worth investigating these songs.

When The Everlys performed in Winnipeg, Canada in 1967,
they played many of these mid-60s songs. Is that good-looking guitarist on the right in a rapture playing the chords to Love Is Strange?

_____________Photos copyright 2007 George Slivinsky

Rock 'N Soul album 1964:

Gone Gone Gone album 1965:

______Beat & Soul - 1965

In Our Image album 1966:

To hear a song sample press the title:
The Price Of Love
Love Is Strange
Dancing In the Street
Nancy's Minuet
Lovey Kravezit
(You Got) The Power Of Love
Torture (flip of Gone Gone Gone)

Other Everly rarities:

In 1961 Don Everly produced
three singles on his new Calliope label that were not Everly vocals. He used the artist name Adrian Kimberly, and used an orchestra and chorus. Listen to the first one:
Pomp and Circumstance - #34 Billboard
Black Mountain Stomp - flip side

In 1988 the brothers released a vocal of Don't Worry Baby sung together with The Beach Boys:
Don't Worry Baby - Capitol single

The Christmas album
The very rare 1962 album Christmas With the Everly Brothers.

Click an image to see it larger.
Here's a link to hear the COMPLETE ALBUM.
I have a second copy you could bid on in comments. It's very good mono.

A detailed list of their singles and albums can be found at Wikipedia:

Their fan club is at



GeorgeS said...

A female singer released The Power Of Love at the same time in 1966. Does anyone know who that was? Neither one was a hit. (Not to be confused with the recent song by Celine Dion etc).

GeorgeS said...

And the answer to the above is Nancy Wilson. 1966 Capitol single. Does anyone have a copy they can share? It's also on the multi-CD Essence of Nancy Wilson.

GeorgeS said...

If anyone can help me with material from their album Two Yanks In England let me know.

Alan said...

Does anybody out there know when the Everly Brothers toured Johanesburg South Africa?
I think it was during the period 1967 to 1971 sometime

RecordCollector said...

I got the Christmas album too, it was an re-release here in the Netherlands.
We had a very active fan club over here, end I believe all the WB albums are re-leased between 1980 & 1990.

Anonymous said...

Alan, Don and Phil Everly visited South Africa in about March 1070.

Anonymous said...

Alan, typo: That should read "March 1970". I saw the show in Durban from behind the stage. Very privileged.

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GeorgeS said...

Improved recording of Christmas album provided December 21.

GeorgeS said...

I've added Torture to the sample songs. From the Gone Gone Gone album. It rivals Love Is Strange as a favorite. Written by John D. Loudermilk.